This is the story of anyone trying to find their place in the world. It’s a whirlwind tour around life, love, friendships, setbacks, accomplishments and all of the moments that make life worthwhile.

It’s those late nights spent in new cities with strangers that become family. Those mysterious afternoons, feeling bad because you know that this day will not bring you any further than the day before, or those compelling moments that make everything seem perfectly electrifying on our journey.

It’s the kinda days, where anything is possible; or nothing at all. Endless dreams and that itchy feeling there’s gotta be more.

Those days doubting everything about yourself, about how it should have been and how far you should have come and then the realisation that that is not what it is about. Attempting to hide your day-dreaming eyes saying hi to Alice and trying to feed the voice that is more comforting. Trying to open the window to your soul more often, trying to live the life we long for.

The feeling of more, which itself is to a greater extent, indescribable. We all want more - but do we really know what is more? It is not about status or possessions. It is about these moments and experiences that we long for. It’s these moments that we look back on and take so much away from. It’s the need for these moments.

It’s the risking everything that is known, secure and safe in exchange for the rewarding high on life moments, and for the romance of living life on your own terms.

If this resonates with you, this brand is for you.

That's a Luftikus; that’s happy go lucky.